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Hi, I'm Jennifer McDaniel. I'm here to help you create more efficiency in your day, by decluttering the things that are inessential, creating capsule wardrobes that let your personality shine, and organizing and staging your home into a space you can be proud to show off!
I always offer FREE consultations and can even work with you virtually!



Simplifying your Home, Mind, and Wardrobe





About Jen

Home  be our refuge from the chaotic world around us. Jennifer McDaniel is a Professional Organizer that understands the importance of a calm and tidy space. She understands that life can be a whirlwind of work, chores, and errands. As a professional organizer, her commitment is to help others find order and systems that help ease the very head-over-heels nature of life. Jennifer McDaniel, of JM Organizing Spaces, has lived through many of the challenges of modern life and can relate to what many of you deal with on a daily basis. As a mother of four, she has walked out of a tidy room to return to a disaster. She is coming from a place of empathy and applies her passion, expertise, and vision to help her clients find that calm.


You welcomed me as an honored guest. My cup is full and spilling over.  Psalm 23:5

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"You (Jennifer) have an eye for seeing what I wanted to do with organizing the room, and expanded my original ideas into something that took my taste in style into account and delivered a room that not only worked but was a perfect blend of decorative style, my lifestyle, and made the room desirable to be in for maximum comfort. 
You know how life works and can see where a problem can arise in the organizational process and find ways to effectively design a system that is functional yet realistic for the needs of the family.
You also have the skills to put to words exactly what our style preferences are and bring them to reality in a way that we've been unable to do ourselves."



"I hung curtains in the guest room, both kids rooms, and our bedroom in one week!"

"None of these things would be done if our garage and den were pre-Jenn. It was shutting me down and I didn't know it!"

This client initially hired us to organize the kitchen and linen closets, but after our consultation, it was clear that the garage was the space that was causing all the stress, so we started in there. After our 8-hour session, they were able to park their car in the garage! For the next few weeks, she sent me several pictures of projects she had completed around their home, now that she was free to be creative again. 

(Check out her amazing review for us on google! I cried!)



"It is your gift from God to take what people have and make it so they love what they live with and the space they have." 

"You make beauty from chaos!"

(This client has dementia.)There were cabinets and drawers that hadn't been touched in years. We removed a truckload of items that were unnecessary, and made homes for all the things they actually used. We unboxed all her photographs and hung them in a similar way to a previous home. As we were finishing, she was smiling and laughing, showing each of us the pictures, and telling us about each one. Days later, we got another text from the clients saying she was still talking to everyone about the pictures. 

"She doesn't know who did it, but she loves it!"

"This is the Nana I wanted back! Thank You!"


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The state of our home was affecting my relationship with my husband and causing a lot of tension and stress in our home. Just trying to keep up with the kitchen and decide what to make for dinner was so overwhelming. If I did do a good job and got the house all cleaned up, it never lasted more than that first day. The very next day, it would be destroyed, and it would take me WEEKS to get it tidy again! I felt so defeated and trapped. What you were so amazing at, was helping me to focus on one goal that was achievable. I couldn't think about my entire list, but I could make sure there weren't dishes in the sink when I woke up. Having that fresh start every morning and not waking up already behind, changed my morning start immediately! Once that became an easy habit, I was able to add to it. Now, I have confidence in myself that I can figure out what to make. When we moved, you came in on move-in day and helped us get the kitchen and main living areas setup. That made it possible for us to cook dinner that night! I was able to make home cooked meals every day during a move! 

Before, my husband felt like his house was going to be a mess forever, so why bother doing the little things. Now, he's making the bed with pillows and everything! Your tip about having a hamper in each room has saved so much time! Now, I just wash the one hamper load, and all of the items go in the same room. I'm not wasting time sorting. Now the kids have been able to take over laundry! 


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My work-from-home tour began in January 2020, due to surgery. About the time I was to return to the office, everyone was sent home. Then, in July 2021, I get a one-week notice that I’m to return to the office. Panick set in. We had recently downsized and there were still piles of things in every room waiting for a place to belong. My clothes were in stashed in two closets; I no longer fit in some of them and had no idea what was still in style. On my last day of WFH Jennifer arrived, dressed to the nines from her styled hair to her stilettos. She walked in and I explained that I needed to focus on my work but would be happy to answer occasional questions. She took about 15 minutes to walk around, assess and discuss my goals. Then she went to work. In around 8 hours, she found a place for everything; organized the bathroom cabinets; created a delightful guest space and office space in the second bedroom; created a “walk-in” closet from an unused pass-through; eliminated outdated, and ill-fitting clothes; organized my closet so I can easily pull together a complete outfit on a whim (without coffee). When my husband arrived, he was totally amazed and loved what she had done in his storage closet. He asked me how much I had paid her and upon finding out, made me send her more money! She way exceeded my expectations of what she could accomplish in one day. The next day it so comforting to wake up in an organized home and get ready to return to the office. What she did gave me so much confidence as I re-entered the working at the office world again. I’m so appreciative of her help that I’ve asked her to return and do the same thing to my winter wardrobe soon.



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