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Simple changes create transformation!

Jennifer McDaniel coaches women to create organized, functional homes and wardrobes they feel confident in, no matter where the day takes them.


Jennifer's passion is simplifying the daily tasks of running a home. Each task should be completed in a streamlined motion without all the running around. Her mission is to help others create more efficiency in their home so they have less clutter and more of what they really need...


Stop feeling overwhelmed! Book a call to get your personalized steps to take action in your home!

What's holding you back?


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Creating Beauty from Chaos

Cozy Living Room
Clothes Hanging on a Rack


Declutter, organize, and style your space for living or selling. Just moving in? Let us unpack for you! This will give you a fresh start with organized systems already in place, so you can simply come in, relax, and feel at home!


Feel confident getting dressed everyday! We will help you find YOUR style and create a wardrobe that compliments your current body and lifestyle.
Perfect for growing kids too!

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The goal isn't about perfection, it's about reducing stress, clutter, and inefficiency!

Through my 1:1 Coaching, I help my client's achieve their number 1 goal, have clarity on the next steps, realize the things that are holding them back, and create a more streamlined flow to their home so they have more time to do the things that matter most!


I launched my podcast in October of 2021 as a way to help more people conquer the clutter and overwhelm. I share tips and tricks on how to style yourself, your kids, and your home, and get organized with simple systems to manage the chaos of mom life! It is now ranking in multiple countries and is listed as a global top 10% podcast!

Details & Value: Services


Simplify, Stage, & Style


Are you ready to work on the internal clutter as well as the external clutter? Together, we will create a plan for your space and a vision for your life so you can begin to live with intention! I will teach you how to make simple changes that have a big impact on how your home functions and how it makes you feel. 

Includes a 60 min call and 2 follow-up emails. 

1 Session (60 minutes)

Starting Point (30 minutes)


Each package includes a virtual call working one-on-one with an organizer to discuss your goals for the space. We will design layout options and create a custom plan with goals broken down for you to complete. We will schedule due dates for completed tasks, and you will receive unlimited follow-ups and coaching through the completion of your package hours. 

1 Session (60 minutes)

MINI Session (15 minutes)


Includes a 30 minute consultation, and contact with me throughout the project. A customized design plan, including furniture layout, product and decor recommendations, and organization systems customized to your style, space, and budget. Scheduled removal of donations after each session. 

1 Session (3 hours)

Discount Packages Available 



Completely Personalized for Kids & Adults


We teach you how to create a Capsule Wardrobe from the items already in your closet and accessorize to create a variety of different looks. We will give suggestions for items that will fill in the gaps in your current wardrobe and give advice on how to transition into the next season as well.


Perfect for growing kids!

VIRTUAL (30 min)       


Are you struggling to find a style that works for your current body or lifestyle? We can help! We will sort through your wardrobe to find items that fit and flatter, create a shopping list of items to fill in the gaps, as well as create a list of styles, shapes, and colors/patterns that work best for you so you can have a capsule wardrobe that you feel confident in wherever the day takes you!

VIRTUAL (1.5 hours)     

IN PERSON (2 hours)   


Do you need someone to come along and shop with you? We will shop with you to find pieces that work together, look great on you and create a capsule wardrobe that compliments your current size and season of life! This shopping trip will be packed full of styling tips and suggestions, so be prepared to try on ALL. THE. THINGS. and have lots of fun! 



IN PERSON (4 hours)    

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